Best 6-Burner Gas Grills

8 Best 6-Burner Gas Grills Reviews of 2021 Should You Know

BBQ, beans, or alternative grilling meats would be the most preferred food around the world. A lot of individuals always need to purchase a 6 burner gas grill to assist them to appreciate BBQ celebrations, picnics, camping, or other outside pursuits.

A 6-burner gas grill is ideal for the barbecuing veteran who’s fed up with restricted grilling space and underwhelmed by the BTU energy you are getting from a more compact gas grill version. Having a six-burner gas grill, then you are in a position to prepare and hot areas, sear steaks, and even better control heat across a large cooking area.

However, purchasing a proper 6 burner gas grill isn’t simple since there are numerous 6 burner gas grills on the market. And employing a 6 burner gas grill will probably be quite hard in the event that you pick the incorrect 6 burner gas grill.

Here, the best 6 burner gas grills are reviewed that are highly recommended using effective performance and helpful features. The cost ranges differ from low to moderate to high so you can select the option best suited to your requirements. Furthermore, the purchasing guide points out the essential things that may assist you in making a choice when you’re ready to buy your gas grill.

List Of 8 Best 6 Burner Gas Grill Reviews

1. Megamaster 6 Burner 753 Sq. Inch Propane Gas Grill

  • 6 x 9000 BTU burners, warming rack, digital ignition, porcelain-enameled cooking grids, protracted side table, incorporated thermometer, storage area, and tank lock. Have you been really tight on a budget but still expecting to receive the best 6-burner gas grill? If your response is yes, then the Megamaster 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill ought to be high on your list of grills to purchase. Why is it special?
  • According to our observations, we believe the general build quality is great, as a result of its ending and attention to detail. The grill provides an ample cooking area of around 753 sq. inches.
  • There is an elongated negative table, porcelain-enameled cooking grids, in addition to a warming rack. The warming rack area can also be contained from the 753 sq. inches of cooking area. Connected to the gas form, the grill utilizes gas.

2. Weber 7371001 Summit E-670 6-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

  • This superior six-burner gas grill from Weber is a chef’s dream. The grill includes a huge 769 square inches of grilling area, meaning you could match a whole barbecue’s value of meals on the grill in one moment. In addition to this, the grill provides 145 square inches of warming rack area and an integrated cooker burner on the ideal side table.
  • We especially liked the burner system with this gas grill. The Snap-Jet individual burner ignition program lets you turn on one burner at one time, making it incredibly simple to light your grill. The infinite control valves also supply you with an impressive level of control on just how much heat your barbecue is setting out. Obviously, Weber added a thermometer at the grill’s lid so that you may track your cooking temperature.
  • To assist you to get more tasty meats, Weber added flavorizer bars between the cooking grate and sauces. When grease melts on these heated pubs, it creates smoke which then results in the flavor of your meals. Whatever grease is not vaporized lands onto the dirt tray, which can be intended for fast removal through the front part of the grill so that you can wash it after each use.

3. Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill

  • In case you’re looking for a showpiece grill-a device that walks, talks, and cooks much like a lot more expensive Weber Summit grills-but do not need to break the bank, continue reading.
  • Monument’s 77352 six-burner gas grills and looks that a hell of a good deal like a higher-end Weber. But here is the cool part: It costs just 1/4 just as much! Just because you are saving money does not indicate that Monument skimped on the extras.
  • This grill features a huge 900-square-inch cooking area, a warming rack, stainless steel cooking grates, fire tamers, and a powered rotisseries kit including all the essential hardware.
  • You do not acquire grill-out lights, Flavorizer bar technology, or even a searing channel just like you would using a Weber, however in this cost, I could not care less.
  • Monument did contain several additional features that provide this grill lots of swag. Included in these are slick backlit LED knobs, a 12,000 BTU side burner, two side tables using hardware hooks, and also a closed-cart layout with loads of storage room.

4. Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

  • The most skillful way to get family and friends together under a single roof would be by hosting a huge barbecue party. That’s where you’re likely to require the top 6 burner gas grills which won’t ever let you down during all seasons. It’s a bit over your budget, however, if you’re targeting something to endure for many years and presents lots of attributes, we say go with this one.
  • The Summit S-670 from the famed Weber new from the grilling industry provides a top-graded gas grill with 769 sq. inches of cooking surface. It generates 60,000 BTUs to get a strong grilling experience. This is exactly what the users frequently refer to as attractiveness, the killer bit with great looks which each grill-master would need shinning in their yard/deck.
  • To be exact, the title also indicates superior quality and endurance. The body is mainly made from stainless steel, which makes it a bit of robustness. Aside from the primary grill, it integrates a side burner, a sear station burner, a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner, and a cigarette burner. This essentially lets you know that you can cook about what you ever desired to consume in a single giant unit.
  • The device has enough room to cook many meals with flexible heat for every burner. Additionally, it describes a whole lot of heat distribution all around the surface.

5. Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill

  • If you are in the market for a superior grill, then the Weber Summit S-670 Gas Grill is about as large quality as grills come. This is undoubtedly a top selection for the top 6 burner gas grill using the only obvious disadvantage being the cost. It is the most expensive option on this listing.
  • However, if the purchase price is in your budget you will be handsomely rewarded with a grill that is high. Weber is notorious for producing high-quality goods, and they back this specific grill with a generous 5-year guarantee. The main cooking area of the grill is 624 square inches, using an additional 145-inch heating rack to deliver the entire cooking area into 769 square inches.
  • The very first premium attribute to highlight is that the stainless steel rod cooking grates, which can be a definite step up from enameled cast iron . These steel grates create amazing grill marks, maintain heat well, are durable, and are the easiest to clean.
  • From that point, a side burner, sear station burner, smoker burner, and also rear rotisserie burner are also included to include maximum flexibility to the grill. Anything you might want to perform on a grill could be carried out. The rear rotisserie burner particularly is a fantastic attribute to have and depends on high-tech technology to cook your meals.
  • This grill also includes Weber’s signature flavorizer bars, which can be essential upside-down V-shaped metal burner covers. These pubs stop your food leaking out from hitting the burner fires, which practically eliminates flare-ups. In addition to this, the drippings the smoke climbs up to taste your food.

6. Royal Gourmet SG6002 Cabinet Propane Gas Grill, 6-Burner

  • Royal Gourmet Cabinet 6 Burner Gas Grill is among the greatest gas grills on the market. Many restaurants use this gas grill for cooking a lot of delicious meals in a time to serve their clients.
  • This 6 burner gas grill is made of stainless steel, which permits you to utilize it for a lengthy time. It’s created with five burners, a plus sear burner, plus a lidded side burner. Additionally, it has porcelain-enameled cooking grates and a warming rack that provide a complete of some large cooking space.
  • Additionally, its heavy-duty complete stainless steel double-layer lid can help you keep heat readily. The built-in thermometer lets you control inflatable zone temperature measurement.

7. Nexgrill 720-0898 Deluxe 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill

  • The Nexgrill gas grill includes a rounded side burner that’s made of ceramic and stainless steel coated substances. Together with the Even-Heat layout, together with the 768.5 square inches of cooking area, you’ll have the ability to cook some yummy food for the entire audience.
  • You won’t need to mess about obtaining the grill began. This grill includes a single push-to-start ignition to utilize for every burner.
  • You are going to have the ability to work on the side dish, even as you’re cooking the principal dish. Durable Cast Iron Matte Finish Cooking Grates – When you grill the Nexgrill, it is possible to break together with the pride of knowing you are cooking your meals on caliber grates. Durable cast iron greats offer you high warmth retention and place off some wonderful sear marks.
  • The even-heat system is actually cool. It gives angled flame tamers, which means you understand the heat will be distributed evenly through the food. This also can help stop flare-ups and provides a smoky flavor to your meals.
  • Overall, the Nexgrill gas grill is apparently a grill with a few intriguing”must-have” attributes and I frankly think it deserves its own place on this listing of the best 6 burner gas grills.

8. Weber 7471001 Summit E-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

  • The Weber 7471001 Summit E-670 is the pure gasoline version of the Weber Summit 7370001 we examined previously. It shares the exact same features and powerful build quality.
  • It features a ton of features like an integrated thermometer, a burner, and another six burners. The burners have an entire BTU rating of 60,000 that’s excellent, undoubtedly.
  • There is also a rotisserie burner, a smoker burner, and a smoker box. Connected into the cooking area, the 6-burner gas grill includes roughly 769 sq. inches of the cooking space, such as space about the warming rack.
  • We love the lighted temperature control knobs along with the Snap-Jet ignition system as well as the available working table in another hand. In need of another table, take a peek at our grill vanity choices.

Buying Guide for the Best 6 Burner Gas Grill

Of the enrich collection of the gas grill, then you want the best 6 burner gas grills due to their tremendous consumer convenience. Moreover, you’d love to stay secure and tense-free for a long time with your grill.

As a result, it’s inevitable that you hunt for the grill that comes from a standard brand along with the utmost advantages. Reading your mind and expectations, we’re most likely to tips you on a few crucial things before buying a particular item.


Choosing the appropriate stuff of a 6 burner gas grill will probably be rather important. One of the best materials in the industry is stainless steel. It’s possible to pick this material to get lasting and high-quality 6 burner gas grills.

Cooking Area

The cooking area is your crucial element when thinking of a 6-burner gas grill. Obviously, you intend to acquire a 6-burner gas grill to get a significant cooking area. Therefore, it’s vital to check out the cooking area capacity and make sure whether it could meet your needs or not. The normal cooking place for 6 burners is over 500sq. Inches. Furthermore, assess the gap between the burner so that you may use all of the leftovers simultaneously.


You have chosen to acquire an item, so now, you will want to decide regarding the gas type – gas or propane. Liquid propane has come to be the normal fuel type for many decades, but recently, customers for organic gas grills are rising.

With LP tanks operating outside and extra upkeep, using the perfect propane 6-burner gas grills have a few advantages. But installing a gas line is a lot more costly than utilizing LP tanks. Also, nearly all the 6 burner gas grills are somewhat more flexible to accommodate standardized LP tanks.

If you’d like to have choices, some grill variations convert from 1 fuel supply to another. Because of this, you simply need to buy a conversion kit to get an excess cost.


The entire amount of heat your barbecue can put out is extremely significant, especially if your purpose is to reach the classic grilling sear on your meats.

You may discover that the surface of the cooker grills often has BTUs of about 70,000 and more than. Some of the grills have a significant burner that has a higher BTU rating in comparison with other leftovers. Regardless of the circumstance, observe the BTU rating of the 6 burner gas grills you choose.

Electric Ignition

The electric ignition system makes your start fast & reliable. It defines easy functionality with all the one-touch start. In reality, It is not a must-have feature. Nevertheless, it’s crucial for easy grilling.


A 6 burner gas grill is equally very important to anybody who plans to grill for a high amount of individuals. Imagine grilling to your colleagues in your workplace meeting in your home on Thanksgiving with a 2-burner grill – it’ll be certainly time-consuming and time-consuming!

In conclusion, there are lots of high-quality alternatives for your best 6 burner gas grill at a reasonable price. Each item is going to be the very best in various ways. But all products you select must be made from excellent quality materials, streamlined design, easy to clean and move.

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