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Top 5 Best Canned Mackerel Recipe You Should Try

Life is increasingly busy, so we do not have much time to prepare delicious meals by ourselves. Therefore, canned food is always favored by many people because of its convenience. However, not everyone knows how to cook it deliciously and not monotonously, especially canned mackerel. In the following article, we would like to share canned mackerel recipes for your reference.

What is Canned Mackerel?

Canned mackerel is a favorite dish of many people. The ingredients of canned mackerel are natural fatty mackerel caught from the far sea, blending with spices that are flavored according to traditional recipes. Products are packed according to closed technology, ensuring safety and hygiene for users. Canned mackerel is suitable for meals during the day.

Advantages of Canned Mackerel

  • Mackerel is a healthy dish suitable for all ages
  • Provide energy and nutrients to the body
  • Production raw materials are of high quality, a closed production process meets food safety standards
  • The product is packaged in a handy small box, with a sturdy lid, which can be carried in the way of travel

Canned Mackerel Tecipes

There are plenty of yummy canned mackerel recipes. However, this article only introduces you to 5 simple and easy-to-make dishes that suit most people’s tastes.

Canned mackerel recipe is very diverse
Canned mackerel recipe is very diverse

1. Quick canned mackerel recipe: Canned mackerel sandwiches for a quick and neat breakfast

Ingredients to prepare: canned mackerel, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, bread, butter, cheese, celery, tomatoes and lettuce.

The processing is very simple as below:

You just need to mix mackerel with mayonnaise, cucumber, celery, minced, season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste.

In the end, just spread the butter on the bread, add cheese and the mackerel. Next, you can add thin sliced tomatoes and lettuce and we have a simple but equally nutritious mackerel sandwich for the morning.

2. Tasty canned mackerel recipe: Mackerel salad with mayonnaise sauce

Prepare ingredients: Canned mackerel, eggs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, mayonnaise, olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar.


  • Hard-boiled eggs and slice
  • Cut cherry tomatoes and carrots into small pieces
  • Chopped lettuce.
  • Cut potatoes, washed, steamed and then crushed
  • Add mayonnaise, olive oil, vinegar and salt to a bowl and mix well to make the sauce
  • Mix mackerel with tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and add pepper
  • Season to taste.
  • Place on a plate and put the egg on
  • Finally, add the mayonnaise and enjoy.

3. Delicious canned mackerel recipe: Canned mackerel egg rolls

Ingredients to prepare: canned mackerel, onion, carrot and chopped chili


  • You mix the vegetables with the eggs and add a little salt.
  • Put another egg in the bowl and mix well.
  • Fry the mixture of eggs, mackerel and vegetables until the eggs are just cooked and roll it.

4. Attractive canned mackerel recipe: Lemongrass with canned mackerel

Prepare ingredients: canned mackerel, basil, lemongrass, thinly sliced lime leaves, chili, green onion, finely chopped shallot and spices.


  • Scallion, chili, garlic, lemongrass, lime leaves, add the canned mackerel, stir-fry to tighten the meat.
  • You need to season to taste and then turn off the heat, add lemon leaves, basil and scallions to the island again.

5. Irresistible canned mackerel recipe: Canned mackerel mixed rice

Ingredients needed: canned mackerel, rice, mushroom, carrot, lemon and soy sauce.


  • For mushrooms and carrots, you wash and cut the pomegranate seeds.
  • Mix soy sauce and lemon juice in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Mix the rice with carrots and mushrooms and canned mackerel (with the oil in the can)
  • Cook
  • Cooked rice can be eaten with dipping food.
Canned mackerel breads for a quick and neat breakfast
Canned mackerel breads for a quick and neat breakfast

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the popular canned mackerel recipe?

Canned mackerel is very popular in Japan, where people are often busy with work and less attentive to family meals. It is also popular in many Asian countries as well as West countries.

2. Where is canned mackerel often used?

Ready food is the smart choice of modern people, it saves us time but still ensures the richness in the meal, and ensures enough quality.

Mackerel is a fish that contains many nutrients that are very healthy, but not everyone knows how to cook it into delicious dishes and keep the valuable nutrients in fish. Moreover, to pre-process and process mackerel takes a lot of time and effort, that is why the Japanese have prepared and canned this fish to bring maximum convenience to users.

3. What are the benefits of canned mackerel recipes?

  • Mackerel is a fish that contains many healthy nutrients.
  • Canned mackerel has good taste and quality is safe.
  • Canned mackerel is seasoned with delicious spices and fully cooked.
  • Users can eat immediately with rice.
  • Canned mackerel is also an optimal solution for those who are busy, having less time to prepare family meals. It will save time and effort while still having delicious fish, adding flavor to the family menu.

Canned mackerel is an optimal solution for those who are busy and have less time to prepare family meals

Canned mackerel is an optimal solution for those who are busy and have less time to prepare family meals
Canned mackerel is an optimal solution for those who are busy and have less time to prepare family meals

4. Note when choosing to buy canned mackerel

  • Do not buy canned mackerel with 1-month remaining time.
  • When purchasing, carefully review the information on the packaging, nutritional value, ingredients, storage, date of manufacture and expiry date.
  • Choose foods that are sodium-free or low in salt.
  • Do not buy canned goods with torn, exposed, distorted packaging, or the necessary information on the product is erased or faded.
  • Do not use the box with bulging at the ends of the lid, distorted.
  • Choose to buy canned foods from reputable brands at big stores and supermarkets.
  • Do not buy products of unknown origin.

5. Note when opening canned mackerel lid

Opened canned foods should be used for a short time because bacteria can easily attack the food when the lid is open.

Canned mackerel, if opened and not used up, should refrigerate it. Do not use canned foods for more than 24 hours after opening.

6. Note when eating canned mackerel

Many people think that canned food is cooked food, so it doesn’t need to be processed again. However, canned foods should be thoroughly cooked before serving.

When using canned mackerel, you should eat them with fresh vegetables and fruits to add vitamins and fiber.

In addition, when using canned food, we often have the habit of directly heating canned foods at a temperature of 70-80 degrees C, which is not recommended because hot metal can melt and seep into food.

To ensure safety, it is better to pour the food out of the saucepan and heat it on the stove.


These canned mackerel recipes are simple and attractive. Although canned foods are not as delicious and nutritious as fresh foods, they are still an effective choice during busy times. You can prepare delicious and nutritious canned mackerel dishes with the recipes we instructed above!

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