Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak

Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak – What Should You Choose?

If you are a fan of steak we should know that there is a difference between flank steak vs skirt steak. Though sometimes you can use ingredients interchangeably. Join us to find out more about the difference between these two steaks that you love!

We will find the difference between flank steak vs skirt steak
We will find the difference between flank steak vs skirt steak

What is the Difference Between Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak?

Flank steak vs skirt steak looks at first glance, they are quite similar because they are all long pieces of meat. Both portions are lean versus steaks like ribeye or tenderloin and have a distinctly rich flavor. Because both cuts contain a lot of hardworking muscle, they can be quite chewy if prepared incorrectly.

Its striking difference is the cuts. If you love food and especially steak, you’ve probably heard of headlines like New York strip, loin, ribeye, but they represent only a small percentage of the meat you can get. from a cow that was well fed and cared for.

The lesser-known, well-prepared meats such as flank steak and skirt steak can be compared to the stars on steak restaurant menus without going bankrupt. Because flank and skirt are often used interchangeably, mainly because they are similar in appearance and people are unsure of the difference between them.

The Main Difference Between Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak

Skirt steak tends to be fatter than flank steak and is especially effective with marinades, which can help soften meat. This is why steak is the main dish in Korean fajitas and rice lam bibimbap. The skirt has richer flavors but tends to be a bit tougher than flank steak. You will also get a lot of beef in one serving of skirt steak and this will help you to fully enjoy the delicious, soft, and sweet flavor of this dish.

Flank has a distinct texture, which is very convenient and the best way to cook it is to cook it hot and quickly, then slice it thinly according to the grain. When you eat, you will fully feel the delicious taste, sweetness, and softness of the meat. Just thinking about it is already great!

Both of these dishes are excellent with a soft sweetness and chewy taste. The actual thing we noticed the difference was that the flank steak was a bit softer than the skirt steak. This means it tastes better when baked, but it still tastes best when marinated. Don’t forget!

You can see the difference between flank vs skirt
You can see the difference between flank vs skirt

What is Flank Steak?

This is the rib meat that comes from the belly of the cow. Exactly it is part of the muscle group used when an animal twists and walks, meaning it has many uses. The ribs tend to be wider and flatter than the skirt steak because of the bright red color.

This is also a neatly cut section than the skirt steak with really long, clearly visible muscle fibers running through it. It has a strong flavor like a skirt and also needs to be marinated for a better finish. Unlike a steak, a flank steak is perfect when grilled and can be soft and juicy if properly cooked.

  • Taste and Texture: Flank steak has a lot of rich flavors but can be a bit chewy. When eating you should cut into thin slices and cut into seeds for maximum softness.
  • The good cooking secret with Flank steak: Pan-fried meats are great for seasoning, and some broths can help tenderize meat. High heat and quick cooking are the best ways to cook a steak.

How Much Meat and Fat does the Flank Steak Contain?

Just look at a flank steak and you can see how low in fat it is. If the skirt steak is partly lean meat and possibly half of the fat on the meat. Then with Flank steak, slow-cooked you can see a little bit of fat on the edges and the marble is very light, but the rest is meat.

How Much Flank Steak Is Best For Each Person?

As we have shared the ribs have not much lean meat yet, so it is possible to order a larger portion. You should consider up to 8 ounces per guest if this dish is the main course you use to treat your guests or make a special meal for your family members.

How to Prepare Flank Steak for Baking or Smoking?

For this dish to retain its full flavor we recommend that you pre-cook your flank before you start baking. Here we will share with you our experience.

Let’s start! You do not need to cut anything off the rib, as it is very lean and has very little fat. That means you can switch straight to marinating or rubbing.

The heavy fiber allows this cut to be nicely seasoned and can add more flavor and increase softness. You can also choose from seasoning rubs, including salt, to soften and flavor before baking.

There is also another way we’ve used to soften it. That is, you can use a mallet to soften your steak. Unlike dresses, the ribs are thick enough to make it an option.

How to cook Flank Steak?

Flank is great with marinade because marinating will make it softer. And the most special thing about this dish is that it is very suitable for baking or pan-frying.

If you’re not marinated, cook flank sautéed steak on the hottest grill you can for the shortest time you’re comfortable with. The muscle texture on this cut is different, so cut the grain and hold the knife at 45 degrees to get the widest slices possible.

What is Skirt Steak?

The skirt steak is a thin, fibrous muscle that separates the chest from the belly of the cow that acts as its diaphragm. And this part of the meat is used a lot while the cow is alive, so the skirt contains a fair amount of tough muscle fibers. These muscle fibers can give us a pleasant chewing sensation when thoroughly cooked, or it can also get worse if we don’t cook it carefully. So always stay focused when cooking this dish!

  • Flavors and Textures: Skirt steak has a richer flavor than flank steak. However, it contains more chewy muscle than flank steak, so it’s best to cook it to medium or medium for the softest texture. It should also be cut against the seeds when served.
  • Tips for a delicious Skirt steak: The skirt steak marinated is even better than flank steak and is best done quickly at high heat, although it can also be slow cooked and braised. The best steak is either grilled or sautéed and makes a great stir-fry. This is the classic cut used in fajitas.
With this image, you can easily visualize the position of the flank and skirt
With this image, you can easily visualize the position of the flank and skirt

How Much Meat and Dat does the Skirt Steak Contain?

There is a lot of fat in your skirt steak. Therefore, do not be fooled by the delicate appearance of the skirt; It’s not a piece of lean meat at all. Up to half of a piece of meat contains fat. However, this is okay with the chefs as it’s part of what makes them so juicy and delicious!

How Many Skirt Steak Per Person?

Although it is delicious, the flank steak vs skirt steak toughness makes it a good idea to enjoy a skirt steak with smaller parts. Because it is so high in fat, you don’t need much anyway, right?

Skirt steak is usually served sliced ​​and inside tacos, as part of a stir-fry, or on top of salads. Fat is a part of the dish so when preparing a party for another quarter or for family members you should prepare 4 ounces for each guest. If skirt steak is your main dish, be up to 5 or 6 ounces.

How to Prepare a Skirt Steak for Baking or Smoked?

The way you prepare the skirt makes a huge difference to the final edible ability of the meat. So we will give you the secret to making this delicious dish.

If you are lucky enough to buy a skirt in the market (because they are usually bought first by restaurants), you will see a sheet of paper attached. Remove this layer of paper and start processing. Now remove any excess fat from the meat to maintain its uniform shape. Then bring it to marinate! Because it’s chewy, it looks great when marinated, albeit with a lot of flavors. You should use sauces that are high in juice, vinegar, or some other type of acid. Let this mixture soak into your meat for 6 – 12 hours or you can leave it on overnight for maximum impact. If desired, you can dry rub, including kosher salt, to soften the meat before marinating.

How to Cook Skirt Steak?

Because of the fibrous texture of the meat, you should use a rich, rich sauce that will perfect your dish. And the best marinades for skirt steaks you should use are those with the right amount of acid in them, which is why the best Fajitas are always filled with lemon juice.

Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak – What Should You Choose?

Choosing between flank steak vs skirt steak will depend on how you choose the cut that matches the dish you are creating.

Skirt steak should be your go-to for dishes like fajitas, bibimbap, or Philly cheese, where sauces can help remove some chewy parts of the meat and the rich, greasy flavor adds depth to the dish. On the other hand, the ribs still have a great beef flavor but are soft enough for hot and quick-cooking or roll and stuffing. It is a great choice for dishes like Carne Asada or Korean bulgogi.

We have just shared with you some interesting information about flank steak vs skirt steak. Hopefully, you will get useful information for choosing and planning the right meal for you as a chef. Don’t forget to follow us for other users sharing!

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