How to soften hard bread and FAQs

How to Soften Hard Bread and FAQs

Breads are foods that lose moisture very quickly. So after only one day of not using up, the breads will be dry and hard to chew and no longer delicious. However, you should not waste them. Do you know how to soften hard bread? Follow some tips of KITCHENBAR to cure hard bread to become soft and delicious like the new oven below to “revive” the breads.

How to soften hard bread

4 Tips How to Soften Hard Bread Easy

Soften Hard Bread with Microwave

Bread becomes dry due to dehydration. To resolve this problem, you should pour a little water on the sides of the bread, especially the driest part of the bread. Then you put the bread in the microwave and heat it as usual. Thanks to the amount of water seeping into the crust, the bread is easily softened during the heating process. After just a few minutes, you have delicious, hot and soft bread as new to enjoy.

Another way is to use tissue paper. Soak the tissue lightly in water and wring it out to make sure it is damp, but not too wet. Then you use this paper and wrap the bread and microwave it on High mode for about 10 seconds.

Soften Hard Bread with the Oven

Normally, when the bread becomes dry, people will immediately put it directly in the oven to bake again. This is a serious mistake that makes the bread drier and less attractive.

How to soften hard bread with the oven properly as below:

  • You can quickly wash the bread under the tap water.
  • You should not wash too much and too long. This will make the bread too soft.
  • In the next step, you can wrap them in foil, preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Bake bread for 5 to 10 minutes. The time depends on the size and type of bread.
  • Then, you take out the cake
  • Lastly, let it cool and enjoy.

Soften Hard Bread with a Pot

Another simple way to soften hard bread is to wrap the bread thoroughly with foil and put it in a pot, cover it carefully and put it on the stove to simmer for 5-7 minutes. The time of heating depends on the thickness of the bread. This way is the easiest way to soften hard bread you can do at home.

Soften Hard Bread with Electric Rice Cooker

If your home doesn’t have an oven, microwave or coal stove, please refer to the familiar rice cooker to soften hard bread.

  • First of all, wrap a hard bread with a foil
  • Put them in the rice cooker
  • Turn on the cooking button and sometimes check it. If you see the bread bulging, it means your process is okay
  • Press button off
  • Take it out and enjoy it
To soften hard bread, you can use oven, microwave, stove or even rice cooker
To soften hard bread, you can use oven, microwave, stove or even rice cooker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a way to keep the bread from drying out?

Some preservation tips for bread to keep the quality and deliciousness of the bread as new as below:

If you bought bread but haven’t eaten it yet, to keep it crisp, wrap it in the newspaper. This will help keep it crispy for about a day.

Usually, soft bread is easily dehydrated and dry over long periods of time. So when storing, you can put the celery with the bread in a food bag and lock it overnight. The bread will absorb the moisture from the celery. As a result, the celery will dry out and the bread will always be soft like new.

With bread that needs to be kept for a long time, wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator freezer. When you want to use it, you just need to take it out and oven it again. The baking temperature is about 162 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes. On the other hand, if you use the microwave, it is better to set up 162 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes. The bread will still be soft and taste as good as the new.

2. Does preserving bread with fresh potato or apple really work?

Fresh potatoes or apples are natural ingredients that have excellent desiccant properties. For that reason, they are often used by housewives as a way to preserve bread for their families. Similar to celery, you also put the bread in a sealed bag, then put a few slices of thin potato or fresh apple together and close the sealed bag. This way can make sure that your bread is as crisp as when you first bought it for the first 1-2 days.

There are many way to keep bread delicious as new
There are many way to keep bread delicious as new

3. How to preserve bread with sugar?

Compared with fresh vegetables, potatoes or apples, sugar is a way to preserve bread with a much longer-lasting effect. It’s so simple because you just need to put the loaf of bread in the zip bag, and then add a piece of brown sugar to it. The moisture in the bag will be absorbed by the sugar. This can help your loaf stay delicious for up to a few days.

4. How to thaw bread after taking it out of the freezer?

  • Thawing slices of bread: For thin slices of bread, put them in the microwave, then turn on high heat for 15-25 seconds to soften. If your kitchen has an oven, you can also thaw them by re-baking them for 5 minutes at 152 degrees Celsius. In more ideal conditions, if your home has a dedicated toaster, baking the frozen slices of the bread becomes easier. In this way, kindly remember to increase the baking time by 2 minutes so that the bread has enough time to thaw and soften completely.
  • Thawing the whole loaf of bread: Put the loaf in the microwave for 20-30 minutes to re-bake it at 152 degrees Celsius. This time and this heat level will help your bread thawed completely and soft back.

5. Should we put the bread in the refrigerator for storage?

Speaking of the preservation of bread, the refrigerator is the worst enemy. Bread in the refrigerator will actually spoil more quickly than it would be left outside at room temperature. The best way to store bread is to keep it in a room for a day or two, then cover it and freeze it for longer. When thawed and reheated, the bread will be as delicious as freshly baked.

Many scientific studies have proved that keeping bread in the refrigerator will make it be absorbed in moisture and spoil 3 times faster than when keeping it at room temperature. This is caused by a process called “starch degeneration,” where the starch molecules crystallize and the bread becomes tougher.

6. What can I do with hard bread?

Even if you do not want to soften hard bread, taking advantage of old bread will help you prepare many delicious and attractive dishes that you may not expect. By the way, we also shared some dishes created by old hard bread for you.

Taking advantage of old hard bread will help you prepare many delicious and attractive dishes that you may not expect
Taking advantage of old hard bread will help you prepare many delicious and attractive dishes that you may not expect
  • Garlic butter toast

Garlic butter toast has created a “fever” when it became one of the attractive snacks of young people. Complete brown toasts along with a fragrant butter layer spread on the surface will make anyone conquered. Just tasting the first piece, you will feel the crunch of the bread and especially the aroma of garlic and butter.

  • Sweet sugar bread

You can take advantage of sandwiches or old toast to make fascinating sugar bread. The crispy golden fried bread with a crispy layer on the outside, which is sure to become an attractive snack for you during school hours or working hours.

  • Chili salt toast

Chili salt toast is also on the top 7 ways to process old bread that we want to suggest for you. The outer baked bread is crunchy with spices of spicy saltwater salt sauce. Inside is a lot of other attractive toppings such as quail eggs, sausages and ham. This is the perfect combination for you to take advantage of the remains from the previous meal.

  • Crispy cheese rolls

Another way to cook that you should not ignore is the crispy cheese sandwich. The bread will be deep fried until it is crispy golden. When eating, you should dab with chili sauce to feel the spicy taste mixed with the chewy cheese!

  • Liver pate

Cold bread becomes one of the indispensable ingredients when you make liver pate. Pate has an attractive aroma, greasy taste and is rich in flavor. It is suitable for use with hot bread or sticky rice.

  • Shrimp fried with bread

Instead of making shrimp cakes from sweet potatoes or taro, now you can also process old breads into crispy shrimp sandwiches that look attractive. The bread is fried crispy golden with the sweetness of the shrimp meat. You should dab it with the spicy satay sauce when eating, it will definitely be strange!

  • Bread with minced meat

Minced pork with steamed bread also helps you to change the taste of your daily meal with just a few simple steps. The bread is steamed moderately soft and the surface is covered with deep-fried pork flavor. When eating, you should roll with raw vegetables and dip it with sweet and sour fish sauce. The flavor is sure to be great!


The above article has shown you not only how to soften hard bread but also some other knowledge about bread. Wish you make good use of the above tips to always serve delicious meals for your small family.

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