Best RV Induction Cooktops

16 Best RV Induction Cooktops (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Induction cooktops have become a more popular thing to purchase for rig owners within the past couple of decades. Their fast process of cooking endears itself to living on the street. But it’s frequently left people wondering what is the very best RV induction cooktop available on the market today?

Deciding on the best RV induction cooktop could be challenging as there are a lot of alternatives. You need to take into account a good deal of things, like the energy consumption of the cooktop, the number of sauces, as well as its own attributes, the cleanup will be exceedingly simple; you’re likely to appreciate more cooking attributes than in an RV propane or electric stovetop: countdown timer, temperature, and power level controller, auto-pan size detection, overheat detectors, auto shutoff, etc.

Many distinct brands of induction stoves are available at the moment, which makes it rather hard to decide on the very best RV induction cooktop one. If you’re not certain of what you want to look for while looking for an induction cooker, then this guide can allow you to determine what attributes constitute a perfect one.

List Of 16 Best RV Induction Cooktop Reviews

1. True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner- Energy Efficient

  • If you’re searching for among the simplest to use choices, look no further than True Induction’s Double Burner Cooktop. This version makes using it a cinch with a fantastic pair of controls that are simple and power-efficient technology.
  • It is a combo effective at ensuring a rig operator will be cooking their favorite meals at a rate most other choices can not match. In reality, this version can boil water in under a minute, which will normally require a couple of minutes along with other RV induction cooktops.
  • This cooktop does not only excel in its own cooking rate, either. It occurs to provide quite precise cooking using its timer and specific temperature setting. These two aspects will offer the user complete control over what happens when using this gadget.
  • You need to love the product’s inclusion of 2 burners, too. This aspect will permit the ingestion of two meals at the same time, which suggests that the whole procedure becomes a lot more effective. It simply makes it all easier when you’ve got a cooktop with over 1 burner.
  • This version happens to be different using a very simple and simple cleaning procedure, too. It is an aspect which you are able to feature to its smooth ceramic-glass cooking surface. Maintaining this particular surface clean will just need wiping it with a moist towel from time to time.

2. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

  • If you’re trying to find a double glazing cooktop that can add beauty to your RV’s kitchen, then the Cuisinart ICT-60 will probably be ideal. It’s visually contemporary, making it seem tasteful and classy.
  • Additionally, it provides different characteristics which can allow you to cook whatever meal you would like. The compact and portable design of the Cuisinart ICT-60 makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • What’s more, the control panel isn’t complex in any way, wherein it has settings that are preset. It’s a maximum wattage of 1800 watts, whereas the ideal burner ranges from 200 to 600 watts and the left is from 200 to 1200 watts.
  • Both burners may be used at exactly the exact same time, so in the event, you wish to cook various meals at precisely the exact same time, it is simple to do this with this dual RV induction cooktop.
  • Among the greatest things about Cuisinart ICT-60 is the fact that it’s a maximum countdown timer of 150 minutes. It is possible to place this up to get slow-cooking, but nevertheless, it is going to automatically switch off in 180 minutes should you forgot to use the timer. It’ll alert you by beeping four occasions before finishing off.
  • Another fantastic thing about Cuisinart ICT-60 is that it generates less heat, which is likely to make your RV’s kitchen cooler even as you are cooking. It’s flame-free and exhaust-free, therefore there is nothing to be concerned about.

3. True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop

  • This True induction cooktop to get RV was created using a glass-ceramic shirt using a 1,600W burner, a control panel, and overheating detectors that understand when no cookware is current and turns off. True Induction P3D single-burner induction cooktop may be corrected from 150 to 450 degrees F and contains 10 quick-touch configurations for heat.
  • It’s a timer that can be set for 0 to 150 minutes and maybe wiped clean after trendy. The cooktop measures 12 x 15 x 2-1/2 inches (W x L x H) and can be rated for 120V.
  • The screen can also be underneath the glass and quite easy to read and operate using quite sensitive capacitive touch controllers, whereas the fan is a bit loud compared to other leftovers. The form of the induction cooktop for RV is indeed far better than being around: it’ll fit in a corner or at the middle of your countertops.

4. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

  • What I enjoyed the most about this Duxtop induction stove is that it’s extremely energy-efficient. I’m thankful that I can get to pick out of 20 electricity presets (out of 100 g to 1800 g ) or pick temperature presets (out of 100°F into 460°F) after cooking.
  • In comparison to propane and routine stoves, RV induction cooktop energy consumption is 83 percent more effective. Take boiling water, as an example. It takes under a minute to boil a kettle of water.
  • I also enjoy the kid lock feature of this Duxtop induction stove. It will help prevent kids from working the induction cooktop without oversight. Additionally, engaging the lock will stop others from inadvertently turning off the cooker.
  • This induction stove is compact and tiny. At under a foot wide and 14 inches deep, this induction stove will fit smoothly on any counter. As an alternative, you may produce a makeshift system for this in your previous propane stove, provided that the power cord could reach a power socket.
  • I also enjoy how easy it’s to wash this RV induction cooktop. The cooktop is created from non-invasive tempered glass, so it’s going to be simple to wipe out any food spills and oil splatters. If the grease is a little too thick to get routine paper towels, then you may use a little bit of soapy water and a normal kitchen sponge.

5. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

  • Most of us search for the best for our automobiles and if that’s what you need for your RV, then let’s inform you that no additional induction cooktop actually comes close to this. The Secura 9100MC was made to supply you with the very best cooking encounter within the conveniences of the RV.
  • This exceptional version will provide you not only a couple but 15 different power levels for cooking. These levels vary from 200 g to 1800 watts. The 15 different power levels function to supply you with a massive assortment of cooking temperature ranges from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The wonderful temperature range isn’t where the characteristics of this cooktop end. It further offers you an integrated countdown digital timer, which may count down around 170 minutes. It is going to also supply you with a feature that automatically finds a pan, a diagnostic error message platform, and low and higher voltage warnings.

6. iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop with Kids Safety Lock

  • Are you somebody who discovers jest in cooking or you’re considering a practical present for somebody who has art in the kitchen? Assess this Isiler Portable Induction Cooktop. This is a thing that each and every cook, newcomer, or specialist deserves to possess.
  • This cooktop is paired with several cooking requirements. It may be used to fry eggs, boil or simmer soup, saute veggies, grill poultry – title it. For one purchase, you may do these cooking methods, which saves you money from purchasing other cooking gear such as a built-in induction cooktop for an RV.
  • It’s also quite economical concerning saving you a price for the energy bill. It’s because this thing has nine power amounts. This means that you may select the degree of electricity to eat cooking. Range options begin from 100W into 1800W.
  • Not an opportunity too for neither overcooked nor half-cooked meals as you can freely adjust the warmth of the cooktop with its own eight preset humidity levels. The warmth could be toned from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Furrion RV Electric Induction Cooktop 1800 Watt with Double Burners

  • Furrion’s Portable 1500 Watt RV Electric Induction Cooktop has everything an individual could be searching for in these products. For example, it includes a user control panel that is equipped with an LED screen.
  • This feature makes handling the cooktop a far simpler job than you would see with different versions. I could not believe how easy this item was supposed to operate. Additionally, it is worth noting that this control panel includes seven touchpads for several functions: temperature controller, heat, electricity, clock, clock, and power choices.
  • I adore the product’s usage of smart technology, also, using its ClimateSmart and VibrationSmart Technology. These two features make sure this item can do the job properly, even in the most intense weather and street conditions.
  • Because of this, you should not find yourself in a circumstance where this item will not have the ability to cook your food. This facet is something that speaks to its general flexibility, which will help make it an ideal match inside each RV out of campervans to Class A motorhomes.

8. Max Burton #6450 Digital LCD 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop

  • Another top-rated RV induction cooktop is from Max Burton. This version is quite simple to wash, handy, flexible, and flexible in case you are able to use it both outside and inside. This can allow you to have the choice to cook beyond your RV when you please.
  • Max Burton’s induction cooktop has a control panel, and this is specially ordered to be certain you won’t inadvertently change the setting as you’re cooking. This may also help you avoid spilling out liquid or food.
  • Among the things which I adore about the Max Burton, the RV induction cooktop is its own signature shimmer and simmer operate. I am able to cook sauces or stocks based on my meal to the day, in only one touch. The temperature may go as large as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Another fantastic thing about the induction cooktop from Max Burton is the fact that it’s a security feature, which may prevent short circuits, greater voltage levels, and overheat. Last, the Max Burton cooktop will permit you to heat your meal later.

9. Duxtop Ultra Thin Full Glass Top Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop

  • Duxtop Ultrathin is just another choice concerning induction cooktops for RV since it supplies an ultrathin mobile design with a complete glass high and this means 40% thinner than previous versions.
  • Equipped with a diagnostic error message system and low and higher voltage grid program, it offers an excellent and safe cooking experience in an RV.
  • If you have any uncertainty, it’s compact and lightweight for simple storage and handling, easy to transport and maneuver around, is additionally compatible with Duxtop along with other induction prepared cookware: therefore, you need to select between cast aluminum enameled steel and iron, stainless steel using a magnetic base, or cast iron.
  • To have an idea of the size of the cooktop, think about that the fact that the cooking high steps 10.5″ x 10.5, although the cooking surface is still an 8″ diameter circle so, be mindful that 12″ bud would extend across the control panel though it had been based. There’s not surprising that it requires 1/4 that the period of time to boil exactly the exact same quantity of water as a typical electric stove.

10. True Induction Mini Duo MD-2B Portable Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop

  • The thing that I enjoyed the most about this specific 12v induction cooktop is the fact that it’s two individual cooktops. It’s quite nice since most induction stoves have just one induction ring. I really like the way it’s designed because I will cook two unique dishes at precisely the exact same moment.
  • The whole surface of the induction stove is constructed of durable ceramic. Even when you accidentally lose your strands on the outside, it is not going to even get a scratch. The glossy surface also makes this cooktop simple to wash.
  • Another neat advantage of this cooktop is you may also utilize it like a portable cooker. As an alternative, you may install it on the countertop. The rubber feet can be taken away so it will be simpler to mount this built-in induction cooktop for RV flush to the countertop.
  • It means that you may eliminate your previous propane burners and install this instead. Another fine feature that grabbed my attention would be the signature controls. Not needing bodily switches means there isn’t going to be anything that can wear down after time.

11. NutriChef PKSTIND48 Double Induction Cooktop

  • The Nutrichef double glazing cooktop is the best cooktop to purchase for your kitchen ensured to supply you with a cooking advantage and assist you with hassle-free food prep. This induction cooktop is full of wonderful characteristics that make it among the greatest induction cooktops on the marketplace.
  • The Nutrichef double induction cooktop includes an easy digital plug-in flameless layout. It uses electromagnets to cook your own meals, allowing more heat to get to the food. It’s energy-efficient with high-profile heating components that heat the kettle easily and makes cooking easier and quicker.
  • It’s space-saving and is ideal for smaller spaces. It’s ideal for homes with a more compact kitchen and RVs. It’s also suitable for use with the majority of your steel or cast iron cookware, pans, and strands. This  RV induction cooktop is flexible and is certain to fulfill your different cooking requirements.
  • The Nutrichef dual induction cooktop is quite simple to use with its sensor touch controls which I enjoy. This cooktop includes two round-top panel heating zones each with its independent adjustable temperature setting and countdown timer setting complete with an electronic LCD display.

12. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

  • A buyer looking for an alternative with a number of burners should have a long look at the Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop. This version includes two bolts capable of cooking two unique dishes at the same time.
  • As you probably know, this facet is something I appreciate greatly since I really like cooking on the street, and it gets so much simpler with several burners out there. Additionally, it helps that these two burners are controlled via an easy-to-use LCD screen.
  • This aspect must make the whole process a far simpler one for any purchaser. I really don’t imagine anyone would have difficulty working with this screen properly. Duxtop did a wonderful job making it as straightforward as possible.
  • It’s also advisable to adore this two-burner induction cooktop for RV since it includes a child-safe lock program. This aspect will ensure your kids do not receive injuries like scalding from using it with no oversight.
  • The flexibility provided by this item is another vital element worth talking about. It will not have any problems heating pans and pots made from iron, cast iron, stainless steel, wrought iron, and magnetic steel. You simply need to ensure that the pan or pot has a magnetic base. If it does, there is no reason that this cooktop should not get the job done.

13. Bonsenkitchen 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop w ETL Approved

  • The upcoming contemporary and tasteful cooktop to your RV is your Bunsen Kitchen mobile touch induction cooktop. It may be a decoration for your kitchen. Additionally, with a complete glass surface, the device is heated and can easily be cleaned. This cooktop simply weighs 2.2kgs which lets you conveniently transfer it from the RV into the campground.
  • The detector touch display will allow you to select the 9 distinct levels of electricity. This RV induction cooktop includes an integrated timer, which automatically shuts off when it finds no cookware on the induction plate. You may set the time with only 1 press of a button also, the timer ranges from 0 to 180 minutes.
  • I really like the way the timer has moment increments for precision since I do not usually find that in additional induction cooktops. Other items that I adore about this cooktop are the fact that it’s to overheat protection and a fantastic cooling system for extra convenience.
  • With 1800 watts and 83% energy efficiency, this RV induction cooktop stove is significantly stronger than a conventional gas stove. The motive for this is because the heat will remain around your cookware. This will not just make it energy efficient but safer compared to electrical burners.

14. CASO Germany C21 Induction Burner

  • Caso Germany C21 Induction Burner is strong enough for all of your cooking requirements involving induction cooktops for RVs. It heats fast, has many configurations, and quite a handy timer that shuts off the electricity in addition to signals the finish; you’ve also a device that may likewise be put to stay warm.
  • It’s extremely simple to move to various places, as required. If you inadvertently leave a pan onto the device unattended, then it shuts down preventing harm to the cooktop.
  • This 1500 Watt only tabletop induction burner offers sensor-touch functionality: you need to pick out of 10 power levels and temperatures from 160 to 430 degrees F. The timer may be set from 1-120 minutes and you’ve got dual screens for the two-timer and power level.

15. Amazon Basics 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

  • This appliance is a fairly small and compact induction cooktop. This arrangement makes it the ideal option should you not have that much space in your RV kitchen, or if you live alone in a small flat or a school dorm. Due to its size, it can easily fit together with any counter, effectively turning any surface into a cooktop.
  • The fantastic thing about this cooktop I enjoy that isn’t in a number of other induction stoves is your start button. Other induction stoves immediately begin heating when you turn these on. This Amazon Basics induction range enables you to place the warmth (and timer should you really do want it) first until it begins cooking.
  • I’m glad that I don’t need to scramble to reduce the temperature the moment the stove turns on. This cooker is really straightforward to operate completely. It’s a lot easier to use than many microwave ovens. You simply have to do a few button presses and you’re already cooking.
  • There are many distinct induction stoves out there that have lots of different cooking preferences, but in fact, the couple buttons which this induction cooker has are more than sufficient. The glass cooktop also causes this cooker very simple to wash.

Buying Guide for the Best RV Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is really famous nowadays for many excellent reasons. They heat quickly (really the cookware does), enabling food to cook faster. But if you’re on the search for the best RV induction cooktop, and you don’t know where to begin looking, then below are a few variables and suggestions which can allow you to make the ideal option.


Contemplate what dimensions of induction cooktop you wish to purchase. It’s because the appliance will have to match the precise space available on your RV. If you don’t have that much room in your RV kitchen then you can just get a couple of cooking zone induction cooktop.

On the flip side, if you’ll be replacing an older propane cooktop, you ought to carefully quantify it and search for an induction cooktop that has about the very same dimensions.

Safety Features

Simply as these induction stoves don’t use gas to work, it doesn’t signify they are completely safe. Due to the way that they heat cookware quickly, the odds of getting badly burnt are actual.

A number of these handy security characteristics which you have to search for include, but aren’t limited to, child security locks, auto shutoff, and overheat protection, among others.

The Number of Induction Zones

If you’re just generally cooking on your own, and occasionally for someone else, you can most likely get by with only a single induction station cooker, possibly one with two cooking zones if you would like to.

But if your kitchen is always busy preparing meals for a big family, like perhaps five or even more members, then an induction cooktop with about four cooking zones would be your greatest option. It will supply you with more than sufficient space for your requirements.


The quantity of power the RV induction cooktop can draw out of your electricity socket will find out the maximum temperature it may get. It’s vital in the event you’ll require a high temperature for the majority of your cooking. As an example, if you’ll use it for heavy frying, flash skillet pan, or stir-frying.

Gone will be the substantial things which you’ve got to look at when you’re thinking about getting a new induction stovetop to your RV.


When buying appliances, it’s always a good idea to purchase ones that have great induction RV cooktop reviews. You will discover some of the top brands online. Find yourself the very best induction cookware on the internet.

Extra Features

A few RV induction cooktops have added characteristics that make them simple to use. Automobile switch-off is just one such attribute. The cooker automatically turns off in case you eliminate the bowl or the pan. In the event of overheating, the cooker switches off automatically also. At times the drive also includes a security sensor which keeps the warmth of the cooker in check.


Our article should have given you a notion about what constitutes the best RV induction cooktop. After that, you can appreciate the advantages that come with owning a high-tier RV induction cooktop. Cooking on the street will no longer be such a hassle. You will rather have this superb product to be certain that your favorite foods are cooked to perfection.

The built-in induction cooktops with two dishwashers are more flexible for a number of cooks, whereas the portable cooktops signify a true quality and well worth the purchase price. Not only are induction stoves very energy-efficient, but they also don’t occupy a great deal of room. Having said that, the very best RV induction cooktop is unquestionably the ideal selection for tight spaces.

We do expect you could use this manual in comparing the very best products in the class in addition to discovering important factors when purchasing one. With this kind of information, you may make a better choice and utilize an excellent RV induction cooktop in your portable house.

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