What is an induction cooktop - All the things you need to know

What is an Induction Cooktop? All the Things You Need to Know

Like with the saucepan, induction cooktop is a modern product developed after a long process of people’s constant efforts to get better quality products. So what is an induction cooktop? Let’s learn more to use it most effectively!

What is an induction cooktop

What is an Induction Cooktop?

As we know, induction technology has been used in cooking since the early 1900s. However, it really started to gain popularity in the US and then spread to other countries. Like every development process, manufacturers are now working to produce more energy- and cost-effective models.

Induction hobs heat pots and pans directly, instead of using electric or gas heating elements. It boils water up to 50% faster than gas or electricity* and maintains a consistent and precise temperature. The surface is relatively cool so spills, splashes, and occasional boils don’t burn onto the cooktop, making cleanup quick and easy.

An induction cooktop is a type of stove on the same stove that integrates both electric (infrared) and magnetic cooking zones.

The structure of cooking zones:

  • Infrared cooking zone: Uses the same technology as incandescent bulbs to heat a filament bulb to generate heat. The heat heats the glass and transfers the heat to the bottom of the pot, cooking the food. Today with developed technology, infrared cooking zones are all used EGO highlight technology with many heating rings, allowing you to flexibly use a variety of different pot sizes, while still achieving cooking efficiency high.
  • Magnetic cooking zone: Working on the principle of the magnetic field of the coil to generate a magnetic field, called electromagnetic induction current. When current flows through the coil, it generates a magnetic field that transfers heat to the pot, cooking the food. Therefore, the magnetic cooking zone can only be used for metal pots and has a magnetic bottom.
Induction cooker using induction technology
Induction cooker using induction technology

Advantages of What is an Induction Cooktop?

Induction cookers are quite safe because the amount of heat is not generated directly on the stovetop, unlike gas stoves. The stovetop is also not too hot, so it will also limit your burns if you accidentally touch the stove.

  • In terms of cooking time, the induction cooker has the ability to heat up very quickly, completely superior to the gas stove.
  • It is very easy to clean, so if you clean it regularly, the kitchen surface will always be shiny, clean, and odor-free. You can even fry eggs on the stovetop without using a pan.
  • The induction hob can control the temperature and cooking time thanks to the keyboard, so you can completely control your cooking easily.
  • Beautiful, attractive design.
  • Safety without explosion: The induction cooker is not afraid of being forgotten, will automatically cut off when the temperature is too high due to forgetting to turn it off.
  • Can be used all kinds of different materials of pots and pans and can also bake food directly on the glass of the infrared zone.
  • Comfort when cooking: Does not radiate heat to the outside, so it is very comfortable.
  • Not afraid of being blown by the fan: Turn on the fan, the wind blows comfortably without being thrown, not being turned off like when cooking a gas stove.
  • No smoke, no toxic gas is produced during cooking like gas stoves.
  • Not afraid of suffocation when the door is closed due to lack of oxygen which can cause death and respiratory diseases.

Defect of What is an Induction Cooktop?

The price of an electric stove is generally 2-3 times more expensive than a gas stove. Therefore, you should also consider your financial situation to choose an appropriate kitchen.

Induction hobs can only be used when using metal pots or with magnetic bottoms. So you cannot use earthenware or crockery when cooking with an electric stove.

The capacity of the kitchen is also quite large from 1800 – 2200W, so you need to know how to use it properly so as not to waste electricity consumption in the family.

Working Principle of the Induction Cooktop

The induction hob is built on the principle of the magnetic field in the coil and electric current. A conductive coil is placed under a sheet of insulating and insulating material. This sheet of material is the glass of the kitchen and is usually made from glass porcelain because, in addition to its insulating ability, glass porcelain also has high aesthetics.

You will save a lot of time with an induction cooktop
You will save a lot of time with an induction cooktop

Because the induction cooktop uses electromagnetic induction, it only generates heat when the cooktop comes into contact with metal cookware, namely iron, steel, and stainless steel that are attracted to magnets, which are generally magnetic objects.

As for the items made of aluminum, stainless steel (the type that does not attract magnets), glass, and crockery, they cannot be used because these objects cannot generate heat when in contact with the induction cooker. Therefore, when cooking with a negative stove, you need to choose the right type of pot and the size of the pot must also be suitable, usually, the bottom of the pot must occupy 2/3 of the cooking area to generate heat.

The induction hob has a smart feature that automatically detects the size of the pot, the bottom of the pot is in contact with the glass, the stove will generate heat there. Therefore, the stove is completely not hot outside the contact area of ​​the induction hob surface with the bottom area of ​​the pan. The other zones do not generate heat, so it is very safe for the cook and does not worry about burns during the cooking process.

In addition, because the cooktop cools very quickly, after cooking, it only takes a while for the cook to clean the stove. Cleaning is very easy because the kitchen surface is made of high-quality materials, so it only takes a damp cloth to clean the kitchen. Induction hobs are the most efficient cooking stoves, much higher than gas and electric stoves.

Because the heat generated is almost completely absorbed into the cooking pot while cooking with gas and electric stoves, it is still inevitable that heat is lost to the outside environment. Based on the operating principle of the induction cooker, we have always found that using an induction cooker is much safer and more cost-effective than other types of cookers.

Experience Choosing to Buy a High-end Induction Cooktop

Reputable Brand

  • The kitchen company must then be granted a legal business certificate.
  • The kitchen company must have a representative distributor in the market you are living in.
  • Induction cooker company distributes a variety of product lines to meet the needs of consumers.
  • The company’s induction cooker products must have a clear origin, have a CO to prove the product’s origin, have full warranties, and clear specifications.
  • The company’s induction cooker products must be made from the highest quality materials and components to ensure durability and safety for use.
  • Fast and accurate transportation, installation, and warranty service.
  • Since then, the kitchen company is highly appreciated for its quality, receiving many positive feedbacks from users.

Product Origin is Clear

A good induction cooker must have a clear origin, belong to a well-known brand name that has been tested for quality in the market, avoid floating goods, smuggled goods, fake goods, imitation goods… to the quality and durability of the stove. A good induction cooker will have a clear origin, with full documents proving the origin of products such as CO.

Always be very careful to choose the right stove
Always be very careful to choose the right stove

High-quality Components

  • Glass front

On the market today, the best-rated glass surface is Schott Ceran glass made in Maiz – Germany with the following properties: Stable temperature and high durability, scratch-resistant surface, superimposition. grain (can use a razor to clean the kitchen surface), high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance up to 800ºC, high bearing capacity. The directional heat transfer feature is almost zero (only heats the cooking area, can touch the surrounding area without heat), easy to clean, clean after use… However, the cost of the induction cookers. The use of this type of glass is also quite high, so cheap induction cooker products are rarely equipped with this high-end glass.

After Schott Ceran, you can refer to the Eurokera (K+) glass line imported from France or Kanger glass, Ceramic glass with cheaper price but still ensure features such as good scratch resistance, heat dissipation. Fast, bearing capacity, good heat resistance, easy to clean.

  • Word tray

The best rated magnetic wheels all use high-class magnetic wheels of EGO company of E.G.O Produktion GmbH & CO.KG GermanyE.G.O Produktion GmbH & CO.KG Germany. The EGO magnetic tray is super durable, has the ability to heat up quickly in just 3-5 seconds, and evenly distributes heat to help cook food quickly, keeping its flavors and nutrients intact. Using EGO induction cookers helps to save cooking and especially long life.

  • Heater

To ensure stable operation of the infrared cooker, the heating plate of the stove must be of EGO brand with the ability to quickly heat up only from 3 to 5 seconds, spreading heat evenly to help cook food quickly, keeping the flavor. and nutrients. Using an EGO burner stove helps to save cooking and especially long life.

  • Heat dissipation system

For a high-quality induction cooktop, the kitchen belly needs to be designed firmly, not transmitting electricity, heat, not oxidizing, or rusting over time. Along with that is a cooling fan system and uniformly distributed heat sink to help cool the electronic circuit system in the kitchen and improve the life of the kitchen. The best-rated cooling fan for induction cookers is a squirrel cage fan with fast heat dissipation, durability, and quiet operation.

  • Dashboard

The control panel of the induction cooker must be designed to be simple, easy to understand, easy to use, and responsive to touch. A good induction cooker will show the full functionality of the kitchen on the control panel for you to choose from.

Final Words

If you are looking for a hob that can cook quickly and evenly, reduce energy costs and increase safety thanks to a cool surface, then the induction hob is for you. With what we have just shared, hope you understand “what is an induction cooktop?” Follow us for the latest updates!

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