Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce Review

Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce Review (Newly Updated) – Great Recipes with Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce & More

Yamasa is one of the teriyaki sauce brands that got high marks for having a balanced sweetness. It also used natural flavoring in creating their own teriyaki sauce. Their teriyaki marinade and the sauce became the perfect match for many Asian dishes. This sauce has a special twist that can automatically sweeten the dish. Its flavor wonderfully complements any meal containing meat.

About Yamasa – What Makes Yamasa Special?

Yamasa Corporation has been existing for four centuries. Though they’ve operated for that long, they continuously thrive for the finest quality of soy sauce. Their goal is to maintain the taste that their loyal customers preferred.

The founder of the Yamasa Corporation came from Choshi, Chiba prefecture where the soy sauce was initially produced. The location where the founder came from is perfect in producing soy sauce since the climate is humid, where summers are cool while winters are warm.

Worldwide, Yamasa is known for producing one of the great-tasting soy sauces. Their secret lies in their brewing methods which improved through the years with the help of advanced technology. Despite that, the taste has remained unchanged since 1645. Their soy sauce became one of the key ingredients of their teriyaki sauce later on.

Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

We will take a closer look at Yamasa teriyaki sauce recipe which includes the ingredients used and its nutrition facts.

Based on the product’s label, it appears that all ingredients are just like other teriyaki brands except for:

  • Disodium Succinate
  • Rice vinegar
  • Sea salt

It also indicated the use of natural flavoring instead of artificial ones, which is quite interesting for healthy-conscious individuals.

However, is this truly healthy?

If we will check the nutrition facts, you can see that there is salt and it’s only around 8.2 grams. On the other hand, energy is about 705KJ or 168 kcal. Good thing though that there are no carbs, no fats (saturated or not), and no cholesterol.

Nevertheless, the label indicated that Yamasa put antioxidants and even flavor enhancers!

Yamasa Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce Review

Ingredients: Soy sauce | Water | Sugars | Wheat | Gluten

Currently, Yamasa teriyaki marinade and sauce can be purchased online. It is difficult to find in local grocery stores so better buy it the easier way, which is through an online marketplace like Amazon, Instacart, Sous-chef, and the like.

The Yamasa brand is a bit pricey since the teriyaki sauce bottle is only 10oz or 300mL and you need to pay for around $2!

It is a bit unique because it used sea salt, rice vinegar, and disodium succinate. Sad to say, it uses MSG or monosodium glutamate, which remains controversial until now whether it is healthy to use or not.

As for the product’s nutrients, for every 100mL, you will get 168kcal of energy but zero fats including saturated fat. The carbs from the teriyaki sauce are mostly from sugars. About 28 grams of calories are from sugar while only three grams came from other ingredients.

Regarding protein, it is at 4.9 grams while salt is almost double the amount of protein at 8.2 grams.


  • Fewer carbs
  • No fats
  • No cholesterol


  • A bit pricey
  • With MSG
  • Not sugar-free
  • Not gluten-free

Some Recipes You Can Easily Make with Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce

Here are some of the recipes you can create with the help of Yamasa teriyaki sauce to level up the taste of your dish:

Fried Chicken

This is quite a simple dish. The main difference lies in the marination process since Yamasa is more flavorful so the chicken meat absorbs the teriyaki sauce. After marinating for about an hour or even overnight, your chicken is already prepared to be cooked.

First, you need to prepare the breading like flour or other ready-made fried chicken breading you can find in local grocery stores.

Then, prepare the oil for deep fry. Make sure that the oil is very hot before dipping the chicken meat. This will make the breading crispier.

Once, the chicken turned golden brown, put it on a strainer so the excess oil will be removed and the crispiness of the chicken stays. You can also use a kitchen tissue to absorb the excess oil from the chicken.

Stir-fried salmon with veggies

To make the salmon more flavorful, slice the fish into 1-inch chunks. Then marinate it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Then, heat the pan to medium heat before putting in vegetables like carrots, garlic, bell pepper, and broccoli.

You may also add yellow squash. Continuing stirring all veggies. Then set them aside.

Place the salmon on the pan. Add the Yamasa teriyaki sauce and let the meat cook for about 3 minutes.

Once salmon is already cooked, stir everything together.

Pork Steak

Just like the first two recipes, you may also marinate the pork first using the Yamasa teriyaki sauce for around 4 hours or better if overnight.

Start cooking by heating the pan at medium heat. When the oil is very hot, you may now start the frying process for the pork chop.

Usually, it takes about 3 minutes to cook each side of the pork steak.

Use a strainer or kitchen tissue to remove the excess oil. Pour the marinade in the pan and add water. Let it boil.

Wait until the pork is tender. If you need to add water, do so.

Add seasonings like pepper, salt, sugar as needed.

Lastly, put the onions on top of the pork steak and let them cook for around 3 more minutes.

Final Words

Using the right teriyaki sauce like Yamasa’s in your own dish will surely level up the taste but make sure to check the nutrition facts before purchasing any product. It is also nice to experiment dishes from time to time and perhaps, try to use Yamasa teriyaki sauce to impress your guests or family members.

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